‘Unprecedented’ COVID crisis sparks new Pritzker order, shielding doctors, hospitals from ‘plague’ of post-crisis lawsuits

From the Cook County Record:

Illinois hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities responding to the COVID-19 outbreak have been granted some legal protection by the state, potentially shielding them from suffering an outbreak of post-crisis malpractice lawsuits brought by trial lawyers.

On April 1, Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker signed an executive order, extending legal protections to hospitals and a variety of other health care facilities and health care providers who the state says are “rendering assistance” to Illinois’ efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

It marked the 19th executive order signed by the governor since he issued a disaster proclamation on March 9 over the COVID-19 outbreak in Illinois.

In the document, filed as Executive Order 2020-19, Pritzker cites authority under the Illinois Emergency Management Act and the state’s Good Samaritan Act to grant broad protection from “civil liability” for “health care facilities, health care professionals and health care volunteers”  who are “’rendering assistance’ in support of the State’s response” to COVID-19

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