Cannabis 101: Unintended consequences of unintentional exposures in youngsters

From the Illinois Poison Control Center:

Most toddlers enjoy sweet treats, and consider them a sign of good times ahead.  Yet, with the legalization and decriminalization of cannabis products in Illinois, as of Jan. 1, there is in increased risk of unintentional exposure for young children, especially with edible cannabis products that are commonly in the form of sweet treats.  The THC concentration in edibles can range from 10 mg to over a gram.  Ten mg of THC is generally considered to be an initial dose for uninitiated adults, but it is a big dose for a small child.   While a 10 mg gummy can be eaten whole, a rice crispy treat, which can contain 500 mg of THC, must be portioned into doses when using the product.  It is unlikely a three year old eating such a yummy, sticky treat will know that it contains a ridiculously high amount of THC that even experienced users wouldn’t eat whole.

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