Patients Deserve a Cure for Surprise Billing – Not a Band-Aid

From ACEP:

Negotiations are continuing in Congress on legislation to end surprise billing. Everyone agrees that a federal solution is needed to protect patients. Much consideration has already been given to this issue—but there is more work to be done. Patients deserve a cure, not a short-term band-aid.

With limited time for Congress to act before year-end, rushing a quick fix into a funding bill is not the appropriate venue for ensuring an effective and appropriate solution to truly take patients out of the middle. Because of the long-term, significant impact any surprise billing solution will have on access for patients and the broader health care system, we need to encourage Congress to keep working on finding the right solution. Several committees have yet to address this issue and none of the proposals have been considered by the full House or Senate.

We need encourage Congress to be thorough and listen to all points of view. A quarter of the House of Representatives supports legislation that contains a workable independent dispute resolution (IDR) process. IDR is a proven market-based approach that brings everyone to the table, making it an efficient process where insurers and physicians can negotiate fairly and quickly, without added bureaucracy or cost.

Please send a message to your U.S. Represenative and two U.S. Senators today.  Encourage them to take a thoughtful approach to identifying a long-term solution and look to the proven success of IDR, which protects patients without impacting compromising access to care.

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