AI Platform Screens Chest X-Rays for Potential Pneumonia in Under 10 Seconds

From Doc Wire:

Researchers from Intermountain Healthcare and Stanford University have recently evaluated an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that can analyze chest X-rays of a potential pneumonia patient in 10 seconds. This tool greatly facilitates a process that typically takes 20 minutes and has the potential to enable more accurate and prompt pneumonia diagnosis. The team’s findings were presented at the European Respiratory Society’s International Congress 2019 on September 30.

By speeding up the analysis of chest X-rays and the administration of a treatment plan, this AI system could significantly improve the management of patients with pneumonia. In their work, these Intermountain and Stanford scientists used an AI interpretation model to evaluate chest X-ray images taken from several emergency departments at Intermountain hospitals in Utah. This technology, known as the CheXpert system, was developed at Stanford University.

This research found that CheXpert accurately identified key findings of these X-ray images, with the AI analysis being consistent with those of three radiologists. CheXpert was able to do so in only 10 seconds, which is a significant improvement from current clinical practice.