“25% of health care spending is waste “

From Axios:

A quarter of total U.S. health care spending — between $760 and $935 billion every year — is waste, according to a new JAMA study lead by William Shrank, who is Humana’s chief medical officer.


By the numbers: The study breaks down the wasteful spending into 6 categories.

  1. Failure of care delivery: $102.4–$165.7 billion
  2. Failure of care coordination: $27.2–$78.2 billion
  3. Overtreatment or low-value care: $75.7–$101.2 billion
  4. Pricing failure: $230.7–$240.5 billion
  5. Fraud and abuse: $58.5–$83.9 billion
  6. Administrative complexity: $265.6 billion

ED Physician sues Kaiser Permanente over opioid-related patient satisfaction scores

From Becker’s:

An emergency medicine physician filed a lawsuit Sept. 18 against Kaiser Permanente over its patient satisfaction scoring methodology, which she alleges incentivized overprescribing of opioids and hurt her career at the Oakland, Calif.-based health system, The News Tribune reports.

Eryn Alpert, MD, worked at Kaiser Permanente from 2012 to December 2017, when she was fired. The lawsuit alleges her dismissal stemmed from her failure to accept patient satisfaction scoring tools. It alleges these tools were structured to incentivize physicians to prescribe opioids, even when medically unnecessary. The lawsuit said this pressure was greater in the emergency department, where patients often went seeking prescriptions and would leave poor reviews if they didn’t receive them, according to the report.

In the lawsuit, Dr. Alpert alleges her resistance to prescribing unnecessary opioids created a high standard deviation in her patient scores, which in turn prevented her from gaining shareholder status three years in a row, according to the report.