Rural Missouri town approves sales tax aimed at saving hospital


Voters in southwest Missouri’s Nevada have voted to increase their taxes to save their hospital. Tuesday’s half-cent sales tax ballot measure was approved by 89 percent of voters.

Dr. Warren Lovinger, who chairs a group called “Citizens United to Strengthen Our Hospital”, tells our Nevada affiliate KNEM (AM 1240) that the vote is a strong community mandate for Nevada Regional Medical Center (NRMC).

“I can honestly say of all the people I had the pleasure of speaking to, it was almost unanimous the support,” Lovinger says. “And in situations where people were concerned, it was a matter of communication.”

The vote will help the 71-bed NRMC pay off its debts. The tax is expected to generate about $800,000 annually, specifically for bond payments.

New Montana legislation enabling Community Integrated Healthcare Pilot Program


With Senate Bill 38 passed, it’s now opening the doors to a new pilot program allowing emergency medical services to provide what’s called, Community Integrated Healthcare.

Great Falls Emergency Services say Community Integrated Healthcare is going to allow paramedics and emergency medical technicians to operate more as “primary caregivers” when taking care of patients.

Meaning give patients more care in non-emergency situations right then and there in places like your home versus having to take a trip to the ER.

“Little by little we’re realizing EMT’s and paramedics are medical providers that have a good level of medical expertise are completely mobile. Can go anywhere anytime unlike providers in a medical facility like a hospital are restricted to where their location is,” Justin Grohs, EMT-P Great Falls EMS, Operation Manager.