Growth in Rural Hospital ED Visits Outpacing Urban Visits

From MedPage Today:

Rural hospital emergency departments are increasingly serving as safety-net centers, treating a larger proportion of Medicaid or uninsured patients, new research confirms.

The nationwide analysis of trends among urban and rural hospitals found that from 2005 through 2016, the visit rate at rural emergency departments (EDs) increased by more than 50%, outpacing a more modest increase among urban hospitals.

Most Patients With UTI Symptoms Receive Antibiotics, Yet Lack Evidence of Infection

From Contagion Live:

A new study in the United Kingdom has uncovered that only one-third of patients who present to the emergency department with suspected urinary tract infections (UTI) have evidence of infection, yet the majority of patients receive antibiotics, contributing to the emergence of antimicrobial resistance.

According to the study team, led by Laura Shallcross, PhD, MBBS, MSc, of University College London, the concern over delaying treatment for severe UTIs indicate that clinicians have “a low threshold” for initiating antibiotics in the emergency department for patients with similar symptoms.