Burnout Especially Common Among Emergency Medicine Residents

From HealthLeaders:


Burnout increases the odds of physician involvement in patient safety incidents, unprofessionalism, and lower patient satisfaction.

Emergency department residents are more prone to depersonalization than other physicians, recent research shows.

Wellness initiatives are unlikely to achieve a significant reduction in burnout among emergency medicine trainees.

MedPAC Suggests Streamlining Emergency Department Coding So That There Would Be National Guidelines

From Kaiser Health News:

The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission officially asked HHS to create a national guideline for coding all emergency department visits by 2022. Currently hospitals make their own guidelines that can be based on resources from the American Hospital Association or American College of Emergency Physicians, but commission members were worried about a lack of consistency. (King, 4/4)

Hospital staff errors with gowns and gloves spread bacteria

From Reuters:

Healthcare workers caring for infectious patients sometimes make mistakes when removing personal protective garments, resulting in contamination of clothes or equipment with antibiotic-resistant bacteria, a small study shows.