State-by-state breakdown of 85 rural hospital closures

From Becker’s:

Of the 26 states that have seen at least one rural hospital close since 2010, those with the most closures are located in the South, according to research from the North Carolina Rural Health Research Program.

Fourteen hospitals in Texas have closed since 2010, the most of any state. Tennessee has seen the second-most closures, with eight hospitals closing since 2010. In third place is Georgia with six closures, followed by Alabama, Mississippi and North Carolina, which have each seen five hospitals close over the past eight years.

Nurses take on expanded roles to provide access to health care in rural, underserved areas

From News-Medical:

To help address access to health care for rural and underserved areas, registered nurses can take on expanded roles in primary care delivery.

“Nurses can practice to the full scope of the RN license and expand their scope of influence within the community-based primary care team,” said South Dakota State University Associate Nursing Professor Heidi Mennenga. She pointed to care management, such as the hospital-to-home transition or management of chronic health conditions, and management of warfarin, a prescription medication designed to prevent blood clots, as examples.

However, many registered nurses have not been fulfilling these roles which are within the scope of their licensing simply because they have not historically done so.