How to repair a rocky relationship between radiology, EM departments

From Radiology Business:

When healthcare providers act in an unprofessional manner, it can have a negative impact on patient care. So what are leaders to do when they notice unprofessional behavior spreading throughout entire departments? The authors of a recent analysis in the Journal of the American College of Radiology noticed a brewing feud between their institution’s radiology and emergency medicine (EM) departments—and decided to do something about it.

“Despite frequent interdepartmental interactions between the radiology and EM departments at our institution, anecdotal incidences of unprofessional behavior had been noticed without formal acknowledgment or attempts at resolution,” wrote Kenny Q. Sam, DO, department of diagnostic radiology at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, and colleagues. “Some members of each department felt that at times affiliates from the other department could be confrontational, condescending, or rude. There was also a general misunderstanding of certain rules and protocols that the other department members prioritized, which directly affected both departments.”

It was decided that a small group of faculty members and residents from both departments would get together to discuss these ongoing issues. First, they developed a 20-question survey so that faculty and residents of each department could “evaluate their current perception of professional behavior between the two groups, describe situations in which unprofessional behavior had been observed, and identify areas for improvement.” All responses were anonymous.

Intradepartmental conferences were then held in both departments. Survey responses and potential solutions to the ongoing problem were discussed at length. It was determined that three key issues needed to be addressed to improve the relationship between these departments: “communication, shared information and protocols, and misconceptions.”

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