Once upon a time, being a doctor was great. Not anymore.

From Ed Leap, writing for Kevin MD:

These days, we are perhaps more divided than ever. Sure, back in Grandpa Doctor Leap’s time, we were divided by specialty and by practice location; a bit. But now there’s a line between inpatient doctors and outpatient doctors, between academics and those who work in the community, between women and men, minorities and majorities, urban and rural, foreign and native-born and every other demographic. As in politics, these divisions hurt medicine and make us into so many tiny tribes at work against one another.

And finally, before Grandpa has to take his evening rest, he remembers when hospitals valued groups of doctors — especially those who had been in the same community and same hospital for decades. They were invested in the community and trusted by their patients and were valuable. Now? A better bid on a contract, and any doctor is as good as any other. Make more money for the hospital? In you go and out go the “old guys,” who were committed to their jobs for ages.

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