A Smart Pump Used by Hospitals to Deliver IV Drugs Is Vulnerable to Wireless Attacks

From Gizmodo:

Last week, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued an advisory warning about a vulnerability unearthed in one such wireless device. Security researcher Scott Gayou identified eight vulnerabilities in a syringe infusion pump—a machine used to administer to patients precision doses of medication intravenously.

The device in which Gayou discovered the security flaw is called the Medfusion 4000 infusion pump and it’s manufactured by Smiths Medical, a division of the British multinational Smiths Group. The pump is indicated for use in administering drugs, blood and lipid products, antibiotics and other therapeutic fluids. In addition to critical care patients, the pump is used to administer anesthesia, and may be used on pediatric and neonatal patients, i.e., newborn babies.

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