Is rural EMS on life support?

From EMS1:

As the number of volunteers dwindles, so does the medical safety net that EMS provides. A recent study by the American College of Emergency Physicians verifies that trend – a rural EMS response may take almost twice as long as an urban response.

CPR Class Instructors Suffers Cardiac Arrest…

From the Independent:

A group of first aid trainees thought their instructor was role-playing during a class on how to perform life-saving CPR as he had a heart attack during a lecture.

David Knowles, 77, began to lose consciousness as he told his students how to resuscitate people at his local church in Exeter.

Some of the group thought Mr Knowles was giving a demonstration as he lay on the floor feeling faint and unwell.

They managed to save the St John Ambulance volunteer’s life after he told them what to do just before he passed out.