A Clever Service Dog Demonstrates Different Ways He Can Protect His Human’s Head During a Seizure

From Laughing Squid:

A really wonderfully clever service dog named Colt, a Weimaraner/English Labrador mix who is specifically trained to respond and assist with the effects of traumatic brain injuries, demonstrated with his beloved human Janaye Kearns, the various different methods he can employ to protect her head during a seizure in any type of situation, including slippery floors.


Providers warn Anthem’s ER policy may violate federal law

From Fierce Healthcare:

Anthem is rolling out restrictions on what it will cover for emergency room visits, but providers worry that the policy could cause patients with potentially life-threatening conditions to avoid care—and that the hard-line approach could violate federal law.

Anthem has deployed a reduced ER coverage policy in several of its state subsidiaries in regions that include Indiana and Missouri. The insurer said it will deny claims for minor injuries or conditions, like cuts and bruises, swimmer’s ear or athlete’s foot, that bring people to the emergency department, reports the Indianapolis Business Journal.

But physicians in those states worry that patients with potential dangerous symptoms, such as chest pain, may avoid care because they fear higher bills. Missouri provider groups, including the Missouri Hospital Association, the Missouri College of Emergency Physicians and the Missouri State Medical Association filed a letter (PDF) urging the state’s insurance commissioner to take a look at the policy.