Rural school telemedicine program would face the axe under Medicaid cuts.

From Politico:

One of the unintended effects of the Senate’s Obamacare repeal bill would be to slash money that pays for a project popular among Republicans — using long-distance video hookups called telemedicine to connect sick kids in rural schools to big-city medical experts.

In poor and rural areas, many in deep-red Trump Country, the school nurse is not just handing out bandages anymore; she’s become a de facto medical guide, marshaling medical care for poor kids with obesity, asthma and diabetes, while on the lookout for issues like child abuse and teen pregnancy.

University of Iowa Health Care to stop accepting checks, cash July 1

From Becker’s:

Effective July 1, Iowa City-based University of Iowa Health Care will no longer accept cash or checks for co-payments or other medical expenses, according to The Des Moines Register.

The move to “cashless” will help the health system reduce administrative costs by removing cash handling expenses. An average of 3 percent of payments to UIHC are currently made in cash.

Iowa’s Rural Hospitals are Especially Vulnerable to Healthcare Bill’s Medicaid Cuts

From Iowa Public Radio (hat tip: Deb):

The U.S. Senate is preparing to vote on its plan to repeal and replace parts of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. The bill would cut funding for Medicaid, the program that provides health insurance for children, middle-income people in nursing homes, poor people, and people with disabilities.

Medicaid cuts would make things harder for Iowa’s rural hospitals and could jeopardize access to healthcare for rural residents.