People with mood disorders receive 51% of opioid prescriptions

From Axios:

The number of opioids prescribed quadrupled from 2011 and 2013, and 19% of Americans with mood disorders have used opioids — compared to 5% of the total population, according to a new study in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine. 51% of all opioid prescriptions in the U.S. are given to people with anxiety, depression or other similar disorders.

Rural hospitals could see biggest cuts in AHCA

From Newschannel20:

Under the Affordable Care Act, the uninsured rate has been cut in half but for some, skyrocketing premiums are putting a strain on Americans.

“Our hospitals, that’s a cost they’re absorbing right now too,” Dave Gross with Illinois Health and Hospital Association said. “So, the exchanges do need fixed.”

Many rural hospital representatives we spoke with say the proposed replacement, the American Health Care Act, doesn’t do much for rural Illinois. It ends the ACA’s federal match for Medicaid coverage, leaving it up to states to make up for the loss.

“Given the state of Illinois’ budget problems, it’s something we’re not very optimistic about, being able to make up that difference,” said Aaron Puchbauer, the CEO at HSHS Good Shepard Hospital in Shelbyville.