How often should we keep reviving overdosed drug addicts?

From the Dispatch:

Ed: the moral, ethical and legal answer to the question is obvious

This vicious cycle experienced by many addicts has added a new facet to Ohio’s grim war against opioid abuse: compassion fatigue. While some emphasize how naloxone saves lives and gives drug users another chance to get into treatment and escape the drug’s hold, others say that the antidote is being used as a crutch, allowing addicts to continue abusing drugs without consequence.

“It’s just reviving somebody who’s going to go back and get high the same day,” said Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones. “It’s a war that we’re losing.”

“You hear from the public, ‘Why don’t you let them die?’ … We’re not God; we don’t decide who lives or dies,” said John McFarland, Police Chief of Martins Ferry, in eastern Ohio. “We have the ability to save them, so we do.”

Ed: Exactly

Does rapid cooling by EMS with large volumes of 4C normal saline improve outcome in patients with OHCA receiving CPR?

From the Skeptics Guide to EM:

We do not have good evidence that providing pre-hospital cooling to patients with OHCA receiving CPR has a patient oriented benefit and therefore cannot be recommended at this time.