Surgeons on board with teaching public to stop bleeding in emergencies

From Reuters:

Just as many regular people have already learned CPR, members of the public can and should learn techniques to stop bleeding after mass-shooting events or everyday injuries, a survey of U.S. surgeons concludes.

“It’s a simple skill, which if you don’t have it, could lead to someone bleeding significantly and potentially dying,” said lead study author Lenworth Jacobs, director of the Hartford Hospital Trauma Institute in Connecticut.

“Our goal is to inform and empower the public because that first line of defense can really make a difference,” he told Reuters Health. “If someone drops in front of you, you want to feel like you can save a life.”

Jacobs and his colleagues tested their 15-minute bleeding control course, called B-Con, at a national meeting of surgeons in October 2016 by teaching 341 attendees techniques for stopping bleeding just as members of the public would be trained.

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