How physicians use VR to train for emergency care

From Multi-Briefs:

Recreating the sights and sounds of a trauma bay is a challenge for doctors in training. Without witnessing it firsthand, residents may have trouble fully understanding what treating a trauma patient can entail.

To introduce residents to the experience, some schools are turning to virtual reality technology to fill the gap between the classroom and the emergency department.

Using VR, residents have the opportunity to play a variety of roles and learn each team member’s responsibility during a case. Residents are able to view the scenario from different perspectives — the doctor standing next to the patient, someone standing at the end of the gurney, the nurse or medical technician — to get a glimpse of a real-world situation.

“The goal eventually is to have hundreds of patients to teach different scenarios, like, ‘This is what a gunshot victim looks like,’ ‘This is what a stabbing looks like,’ ‘This is what a car accident looks like,'” Dr. Thanh Nguyen, a trauma services physician at OhioHealth Grant Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio, told The Associated Press.

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