Des Moines named as one of the 25 best cities for physicians

From Becker’s:

Location can play a huge role in stress levels and happiness. From crime rate to cost of living to cultural amenities and outdoor recreation, a place can affect a person’s psyche and well-being.

Medscape took out the guesswork and ranked the top 25 cities based on how conducive they are for physicians. Factors considered in the ranking included insurance coverage rates, payer mix, malpractice rates, primary care physician saturation, crime rates, divorce rates, traffic accident and fatality rates, cost of living, outdoor recreation, cultural amenities, patient satisfaction and the health of local residents.

Here are the 25 best cities for medical practice, as ranked by Medscape.

1. Minneapolis
2. Madison, Wis.
3. Sioux Falls, S.D.
4. Des Moines, Iowa

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