How healthcare in rural areas can change for the better with tele-medicine

From The Hill:

To say there aren’t enough doctors in the United States isn’t quite accurate: If you’re a patient at Mount Sinai Health System in New York City, there are plenty of brilliant specialists. It’s when you’re a patient at Haywood Park Community Hospital in Brownsville, Tenn., that there aren’t enough — that hospital closed its doors in 2014. Haywood County is what The Washington Post recently called a “dead-hospital zone,” a part of the country where the local ER is the back of an ambulance and the old operating room is used for movie shoots.

It is areas like this, in rural America and around the world, that telemedicine can most immediately help save lives. That melanoma can be caught earlier when diagnosing it is as easy as taking a photo. Chronic cough can be assessed without missing a day of work to make a pilgrimage to the clinic. And the availability of those remote services frees up healthcare professionals on the ground to devote themselves to the most urgent cases.

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