Hospitals are cutting jobs across the nation

From PBS:

HARI SREENIVASAN, PBS NEWSHOUR WEEKEND ANCHOR: The news website “STAT” focuses on health, medicine, and science. And in an article just published this afternoon, “STAT” reports how hospitals nationwide are cutting jobs. The reasons are financial and political, from escalating costs to uncertainty about changes to the Affordable Care Act.

Joining me now from Cleveland to discuss all this is the author of the story, Casey Ross.

Where are we likely to feel the impact of these hospitals cuts? I know you looked at places all over the country.

CASEY ROSS, STAT REPORTER: Yes, you’re going to see cutbacks in clinical services at hospitals. You know, some hospitals are choosing to reduce psychiatric services, for example. A lot of hospitals are cutting back on obstetric services, closing down labor and delivery units. In Boston, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a large Harvard affiliated teaching hospital, just offered a voluntary buyout to 1,600 employees. MD Anderson in Texas is laying off a thousand. Catholic Health Initiatives, one of the largest providers in the nation, just laid off about a thousand employees, in Kentucky, in Texas and elsewhere.

And so, I think you’re going to see cuts in all of those communities, in hospitals that are large and small, rural or urban. And I think the people in those communities are going to see that through a reduction in some of the medical services that are available.

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