This Tricorder-Like Device Can Tell if Your Brain Is Bleeding

From Gizmodo:


Following a head injury, patients typically undergo a CT scan to rule out brain bleeding. A new head worn device that scans the brain’s electrical patterns has shown tremendous promise in clinical trials, presenting an inexpensive way for physicians to make a potentially life-saving diagnosis.

The device, called AHEAD 300, was developed by BrainScope, a med-tech firm based out of Bethesda, Maryland. The tricorder-like contraption, which consists of a headset that beams data into a hand-held device, can assess the likelihood that a patient has more than one milliliter of bleeding in the brain, signaling the need for a more thorough evaluation by medical personnel. In a recent clinical trial involving 11 hospitals and 720 participants, AHEAD 300 was able to correctly detect brain bleeding in 97 percent of patients. These results now appear in the science journal Academic Emergency Medicine.

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