Ultrasound saving lives in ER

From Star 2:

Emergency medicine has come a long way and is now a highly sophisticated, evidence-based practice.

Primarily associated with obstetrics and gynaecology at one point in time, ultrasound has become a useful tool in the area of emergency medicine and critical care.

Focused Assessment of Sonography in Trauma (FAST) uses ultrasound to effectively assess trauma patients for major bleeds and other conditions that could be life-threatening if not addressed at the earliest opportunity.

In recent years, most emergency rooms have been equipped with an ultrasound machine, proving again and again to be a game changer in saving lives.

In its infancy, ultrasound was used to detect intra abdominal fluid collection, which in the context of trauma, is blood until proven otherwise.

It later evolved to include the lungs and heart as part of Extended FAST (EFAST).
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