Rural Health Providers Head to DC To Flex Newfound Political Clout

From North Carolina Health News:

In the past six years, dozens of rural hospitals around the United States have discharged their final patients and turned out the lights, including three in North Carolina. The nation’s crisis of opiate addiction and overdose has been playing out most strongly in rural towns, where family and community ties are strong and overdose deaths hit hard.

And research shows there’s a persistent gap in life expectancy between rural and urban communities,  with data showing that rural areas experience poorer health on almost every measure and have less healthcare infrastructure to support residents.

Rural residents made their displeasure known during November’s presidential election, where they  gave the election to Pres. Donald Trump, sweeping Republicans into office on his coattails.

“My recommendation is to seize this political opportunity and turn it into a boon for rural America,” she told the crowd.

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