Ambulance hijacked with crew, patient inside

From the Statesman:

An unidentified person hijacked an ambulance Sunday afternoon as Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services medics were assisting a patient in the back of the unit, EMS reported.

The patient and the medics were unharmed in the incident, EMS reported, and the hijacker has not been caught, according to Austin police.

EMS Capt. Rick Rutledge said a crew of first responders was in the back of the ambulance helping a patient on East Seventh Street just before 4 p.m. Sunday when someone jumped into the front of the vehicle and drove off.

Survey shows many unfamiliar with virtual health services

From the Journal:

Virtual care is a growing trend in health care, but few Iowans know about it, according to a University of Iowa Health Care survey conducted this year.

The survey of 528 Iowans from both urban and rural areas found that 54 percent of respondents were unfamiliar with the concept of care delivered via computer or smartphone.

Opening the Book on ED Metrics

From EP Monthly:

Often, I think docs are unaware of their own metrics, let alone how they compare to their colleagues. Emergency physicians are a competitive bunch and no one likes to be at the bottom of a list. Transparency of metrics encourages efforts to improve performance. I work for a very transparent group, so over the years I’ve become accustomed to working with providers who were either uncomfortable having their metrics displayed or wanted help to improve their performance.