Iowa Medical Society: Naloxone Standing Order Rules Released

From the IMS:

This week, IMS submitted written comments on draft Iowa Board of Pharmacy (IBP) rules that will create a pathway for Iowa’s first statewide standing order. Under the rules, pharmacists may dispense the opioid antagonist naloxone absent an individualized prescription, pursuant to a standing order that is under development by the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) and will be signed by IDPH Medical Director Patricia Quinlisk, MD.

This innovative new approach to accessing naloxone was made possible by successful IMS advocacy last legislative session to expand access to life-saving opioid antagonists. Under the legislation, physicians were given more options to prescribe naloxone in the name of a fire, police, or first responder agency, as well as issue third-party prescriptions to any individuals who may be in a position to assist in an overdose situation. The law also expanded the options for pharmacists to dispense naloxone pursuant to a prescription, a collaborative agreement with a prescriber, or a standing order. It is upon this standing order authority that these new IBP draft rules are constructed. Currently, only seven other states have a statewide naloxone standing order through their state public health agency.

IMS continues to develop resources and review policy options to combat Iowa’s growing opioid abuse epidemic. Over the past few months, IMS has met with the IBP, the Iowa Pharmacy Association, and the Governor’s Office to discuss opportunities for collaboration on the issue. At its November 10, 2016, meeting, the IMS Committee on Legislation will review a recommended package of educational and policy initiatives to guide IMS’ 2017 efforts against opioid abuse. For more information on opioid abuse efforts currently underway, please contact Dennis Tibben with the IMS Center for Physician Advocacy.

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