Keeping rural trauma care strong

From the Aiken Age:

CALS is a national program designed to provide lifesaving emergency medical education for rural health care providers. Developed in Minnesota in 1996 as a result of collaboration among emergency medicine physicians, family physicians, rural practitioners, academic specialists, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and paramedics, CALS is now one of the premier education programs for rural healthcare providers.  Riverwood’s emergency department medical director, Dr. James Harris, a CALS instructor, played a leadership role in the development of the CALS program.

Each year, Riverwood offers CALS training for its own healthcare providers and nurses, as well as area hospitals and emergency medical technicians, with about 30 participating in each class. The CALS classes offer an opportunity to learn and practice life-saving skills for the care of critically ill or injured patients with a wide range of emergencies. Course content includes trauma, cardiac, stroke, pediatrics, obstetrics, neonatal, airway compromise and sepsis.

Participants report that taking the CALS course enhances their skills, confidence and teamwork abilities, leaving them better prepared to treat critically ill or injured patients.

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