Could It Be Sepsis? C.D.C. Wants More People to Ask

From the NY Times:

Now the C.D.C. is starting a major public awareness campaign to make sepsis a household word. The first step is to teach people to seek treatment quickly when a loved one begins to show symptoms of sepsis, which include chills or fever; extreme pain or discomfort; clammy or sweaty skin; confusion or disorientation; shortness of breath; and a high heart rate.

The campaign, which has developed educational fact sheets, encourages lay people to suggest the diagnosis to health care providers who may overlook it. Ask the doctor, “Could it be sepsis?” or say, “I’m worried about sepsis.”

“We want people to be able to recognize sepsis just like they recognize a heart attack or stroke, and know they shouldn’t wait until Thursday when the doctor can see them, but go to the emergency room right away,” said Thomas Heymann, executive director of Sepsis Alliance. The group’s motto is, “Suspect sepsis, save lives.”

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