Rural Hospital CEO: CMS Star Ratings Use ‘Slanted’ Metrics

From HealthLeaders:

Many of CMS’s 5-Star hospitals, he says, are niche and specialty hospitals that don’t have an open emergency room. “So, they don’t take all of the community. They don’t take everyone coming through the door,” he says.

“I don’t know all the metrics that go into the rating system, but it is definitely slanted. If you can pick and choose your patients, you do better on the ratings. From the community hospital’s perspective, where you are serving and benefitting the whole community, they don’t fare as well, yet I know they do an excellent job, especially given their patient population.”

It’s frustrating, he says, because “ratings only tell a small portion of a story of any hospital. When I look at the ratings, I see some hospitals that are very solid institutions that provide great care and are not ranked very highly. I don’t like to see anything that discourages the patients’ confidence in their local community hospitals.”

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