“We Asked an Emergency Room Doctor Whether There’s a Safe Way to Take Drugs”

From Vice:

Are people surprised when you, a doctor, talk about drugs this way? I kind of thought you’d be all about strict abstinence.

I, personally, as a doctor see this in no way as condoning drug use. As a doctor, it’s just important that young people don’t die. The testing process, in my mind, is very much like condoms. You may have an issue with sex before marriage, which is kind of what prohibition is all about. And if you don’t want to have sex before marriage, that’s cool. But to expect that all young people aren’t going to have sex before marriage—sorry, excuse me while I try on my corset because I’m about to bust my gut.

The same actually applies to drugs. From a medical perspective, if you think the correct message is to just say no, the implication is that you also think it’s also okay for one or two people to die every year. Maybe to serve as a lesson to other young people. Now, as a doctor, that’s completely unacceptable to me. That the cost of young people using drugs is death, that’s rubbish. We accept that Australia will never be drug free, no country has ever been.

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