Telemedicine Puts A Doctor In The House, Literally

From Forbes:

At several rural hospitals nearby, there is a shortage of physicians who can work emergency room (ER) or care for acutely ill patients. Using a robot called AGNES from AMD Global Telemedicine, he is able to provide an immediate presence when needed. The robot provides a mobile platform of digital diagnostics and video communications: Littman electronic stethoscope for listening to the lungs, heart or abdomen; a dermascope (digital scope for looking at the skin lesions, rashes or whatever); an otoscope (camera to look into the ear); a vital signs monitor for the heart rate, respiratory rate, pulse oximetry and blood pressure; an Electrocardiogram (measure the electrical activity of the heart); or a multipurpose camera to look inside the mouth or more closely at a burn or cut…all are options available on the robot. The cameras can take high definition video and magnified still images of any part of the body.

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