The ‘Lolla Lift’ in the ER: Doctors prepare for onslaught of underage drinkers

From WGN:

Shocking statistics from Lollapalooza weekend last year have doctors scrambling to prepare to care for teens this year.

The music and the heat mix with long stretches standing and in many cases drinking alcohol not rehydrating water. The effect is frightening.

“There’s a lot of vomiting, a lot of emotional outbursts and some behavioral aggression problems,” says Dr Karen Mangold of Lurie Children’s Emergency Medicine. “There are some kids who get so sick they have altered mental status even to the point of being unconscious. … They can have some respiratory depression as well so they can end up not breathing which is quite dangerous.”

Also factored in are 100,000 people a day over four days this year and it’s a recipe for a packed emergency room.

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