CMS wants to hear from CAHs on proposal to change reimbursement from 101 to 100%

From the NRHA:

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid wants to hear from Critical Access Hospitals on the President’s budget proposal to change CAH reimbursement from 101 to 100 percent and what that would mean to your facility and your community.

NRHA has provided the below sample letter for your review, but please take the time to personalize the letter to tell CMS about your community! We need the CAH community to share with CMS the impact the reduction would have on the ability to provide care to your local community.

NRHA asks that you outline the following issues in your letter.

  • Financial Impact– how would this affect hospital operations and the bottom line?
  • Access to Healthcare for Rural Communities – What services would be eliminated?  Would residents have to drive for essential healthcare services? Which services would be the hardest to sustain?
  • Transformation of Care – Potential elimination of work and programs that CAHs have or in the process of implementing to move to value based care, integration of services and so forth.  Would you have to eliminate current efforts to implement care coordination or patient centered medical homes or shared services initiatives?
  •  Unique Circumstances in your Rural Community – would CAHs have to eliminate community based programs that address population needs?

Please send in your letter by June 30 to .   If you have any questions or need help drafting your letter please contact Erin Mahn Zumbrun at or Diane Calmus at We would also love to see your letters so we can use your stories in our continued efforts on the Hill to let Congress know what the rural health programs means to communities throughout rural America.

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