Iowa Physician Assistants – Supervision Standards

Hat Tip: Aron

Final rule of the Department of Public Health, Board of Medicine, adopts regulations under 653 IAC 21.4 regarding minimum standards for supervision of physician assistants by physicians. The rule sets forth the minimum standards for review of requirements; face-to-face meetings; assessment of education, training, skills and experience; communication, chart reviews; delegated services; timely consultations; alternative supervision; and failure to supervise. The rule also incorporates changes to the proposed rule that add definitions for “remote medical site” and “supervision,” revise the face-to-face meetings requirement to provide that only one supervising physician must meet with a physician assistant twice a year, remove the requirement for supervising physicians to complete annual reviews, and remove the requirement for quarterly chart reviews. A joint proposed rule of the Board of Physician Assistants under 654 IAC 327.8 is addressed in a concurrent notice. The rule is effective June 15, 2016. Contact: Mark Bowden; Board of Medicine; (515-281-5171)

—Iowa Administrative Bulletin (05/11/2016)

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