Equal Pay in the Emergency Department

From Medscape (Commentary):

To me, the most disconcerting fact is that these data are based on physicians who work full-time, which is important, because a strong objection that some individuals have to data like this is that with increasing numbers of female physicians in the field, more of them are switching to part-time work or leaving the workplace entirely to raise children. The Medscape 2016 Compensation Report shows that even in full-time positions, women are still earning less than male counterparts. The reasons for this are not clear. It may be that female EM physicians are penalized for the simple fact that they may eventually require more flexible hours to devote time to childbearing and childcare. This begs many questions. Is it fair for women to be “taxed” for simply being women and the societal expectations that they will be the primary caregiver to any children they have? This discrepancy is an important one to address because it has the potential to affect female EM physicians’ earning ability, in addition to many other implications and consequences for their professional careers and family lives.

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