The Rural Hospital Closure Crisis

From iVantage:

In 2014 we used INDEX to review the performance of all rural hospitals compared to the 49 rural facilities closed between January 2010 to October 2014, and identified 283 rural hospitals that shared similar characteristics and were therefore considered vulnerable. Since it’s initial publication, this key finding has been at the center of the national debate on the future of rural healthcare.

With the number of rural closures hitting 62 by year-end 2015 (66 as of 1/25/16), we leveraged a fully updated – and expanded – data set to re-assess the performance of rural hospitals across all indicators, and compare these findings to the performance characteristics of the 62 hospitals which have closed since 2010.

Our research now identifies 673 rural hospitals in the Vulnerability Index. These facilities fall into two distinct groups: 210 hospitals are most vulnerable to closure and an additional 463 which are ‘at-risk.

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