Telemedicine Company Targets the ER

From mHealthIntelligence:

A newcomer to the telemedicine market is pledging to use Watson to screen incoming patients to a hospital’s Emergency Department.

TeleMedCo, based in Florida, joins the ranks of digital health companies looking to automate the registration process in what is typically a health systems busiest department – and most-used access point for new patients. The company proposes to combine a real-time communications platform with IBM’s machine-learning solution to query people in the waiting room, access their electronic health records and determine a care pathway.

“Having Watson welcome and interview patients who come to an emergency facility will free up time for doctors and other healthcare personnel to see more patients and to focus on those requiring more urgent attention,” the company said in a press release. “Because of Watson’s ability to read medical journals and research documents in real time and its vast pharmaceutical database, Watson will speed treatment and help to eliminate errors, thereby de-stressing the process. TeleMedCo solutions, powered by IBM Watson, will also update patient records, code and process insurance claims and monitor patients for aftercare.”


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