Why growing numbers of medical scribes put up with low pay and nonstop typing

From Stat:

Medical scribes are largely unregulated; no license is required. At PhysAssist, scribes get 40 hours of training, in which they learn medical vocabulary, privacy law, and how to write charts, according to spokesman Cameron Cushman. They do eight supervised shifts before working on their own.

Pay ranges from minimum wage to $12 per hour, depending on the state and hospital, Cushman said. (Massachusetts’ minimum wage is $10.)

“We’re targeting people who aren’t in it for the money,” he said. The organization typically hires college juniors or seniors who aim to go into a medical profession.

Turnover among scribes is “very, very high,” Cushman conceded. But it’s meant to be an introduction to medicine, not a career, he said. “It’s the best clinical hours and experience you can get.”

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