MN Ambulance Service Adds TXA

From EMS World:

North Memorial Ambulance service has begun providing its paramedics with an important drug that can help save the life of a patient with major bleeding from trauma.

Tranexamic acid, or TXA, is administered by IV injection and helps stabilize clots that the body is trying to form at the site of bleeding from a traumatic injury.

TXA has been used in operating rooms for many years to help reduce blood loss during surgery. Several years ago the military began testing TXA in battlefield hospitals and found that it significantly helped reduce the rate of death in soldiers and civilians who had major bleeding from an injury. The results of that research were published in two reports, CRASH-2 (2010) and MATTERS (2012). Those studies showed that the earlier patients received TXA, the better they survived from major bleeding. Those studies helped demonstrate the value of using TXA in emergency settings outside a hospital.

North Memorial Air Care helicopters have been using TXA since 2013, but the North Memorial Ambulance service is the first in the state to deploy TXA on all of its ground ambulances.

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