OSHA targets emergency responders

From Business Insurance:

At OSHA’s request, a subcommittee of the National Advisory Committee for Occupational Safety and Health drafted the proposed standard. It would require emergency service organizations to write and implement a comprehensive risk management plan covering risks associated with administration, facilities, training, vehicle operations, protective clothing and equipment, emergency and nonemergency incidents and related activities.

It also would include hazard identification and risk evaluation, control techniques and monitoring, among other actions.

The draft is directly aimed at addressing a key vulnerability for emergency services organizations, particularly in responding to incidents at facilities housing hazardous materials.

Study shows spike in ER visits on bad winter air days

From the News & Observer:

Emergency room visits increased on bad air days during the winter of 2014, according to a new state analysis that seems to confirm a correlation between Salt Lake City’s polluted winter air and respiratory problems.

An average of 420 people went to emergency rooms on 15 days in January 2014 when pollution reached unhealthy levels in the Salt Lake City area, shows the analysis by the Utah Department of Health.

The large majority of the people went for respiratory illness, with a few going for asthma.