Illinois Law: Abuse & Illegal Use of Opioids and Other Substances Contributing to Drug Overdoses

From the Illinois Hospital Association:

New Illinois Law: HB1/PA99-0480 Addresses Abuse & Illegal Use of Opioids and Other Substances Contributing to Drug Overdoses 

On September 9, the Illinois Senate overrode the Governor’s amendatory veto of House Bill 1, the Heroin Crisis Act. The new law, as originally passed by the General Assembly, will become effective 180 days from September 9. This landmark legislation (PA99-0480) amends nearly 25 existing state laws, including the Hospital Licensing Act and Controlled Substance Act, to facilitate coordinated activity across multiple state agencies and key stakeholders to increase drug abuse prevention and management of opioid overdoses.  See IHA’s summary that highlights the requirements, including requirements for hospitals, of HB1/PA99-0480.

Hospital Affiliations Vital to Community Paramedics Programs

From HealthLeaders:

The push to reduce hospital readmissions is fueling growth in community paramedic programs despite challenges that come with the introduction of a new type of health provider. But, it’s unclear whether EMT squads that double as non-emergency primary care extenders will offer a solution to gaps in care opened by rural hospitals closures.

A spring survey of state EMS directors found that 43 of 48 states reported that agencies are actively planning or providing some form of community paramedic (CP) service. Twenty nine reported that EMS programs in their states already offer CP-type services, according to the study by the National Association of State EMS Officers.

And while the approach is growing in rural as well as urban areas, it is unclear whether the programs will allow hospitals to reach beyond their service areas into medically underserved rural communities.