ER nurses have mastered high-pressure environment

From Chron:

The hectic pace of an emergency room with a medical crisis around every corner isn’t the place for everyone, but ER nurses know the tasks at hand and take their responsibilities seriously.

Typically, they are the first to assess and treat patients with their quick and flexible responses where serious illness and trauma are the classic scenario. Using their extensive medical knowledge, they not only work alongside medical doctors, they also must work independently and assume leadership roles when necessary. Stabilizing the patient is the priority.

“Manitoba doctor disciplined after patient dies following botched intubation”

From the CBC:

A Manitoba doctor was disciplined Tuesday after a man died following a botched procedure three years ago. Both his family and the medical examiner were kept in the dark about what happened in the emergency room.

Dr. Maria Wowk-Litwin repeatedly tried and failed to properly insert a breathing tube in a patient who arrived by ambulance complaining of chest pain and trouble breathing.

The doctor’s actions “caused or contributed to a disastrous and tragic outcome” for the patient, said the Inquiry Panel of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba in a decision published Tuesday.