Tourist punches out nurse in ER; prescriptions apparently at root of it

From the Herald:

In a not-so-genius move on Monday, an Orlando man not happy with the service he got at Lower Keys Medical Center decided to serve up his own medicine.

After he was examined, given a non-narcotic prescription and discharged, he went back to his hotel room and later found that a housekeeper may have thrown out his medications. So he called Lower Keys Medical to get new prescriptions but, according to Edison, hospital staff said no because they were controlled substances.

He drove back to the hospital around 4 a.m. and began to feel dizzy again and was readmitted, then discharged again. Nurse practitioner Kevin Lawson, 44, told Keohane that Edison again asked for a prescription and in fact it was filled and a nurse filled out the final discharge paperwork.

Then for no apparent reason, Keohane wrote, Edison ran out of the room “screaming and cursing” at Lawson.