Car Crashes Into Hospital Emergency Room

From CBS Miami:


People visiting the Broward Health Imperial Hospital emergency room on Saturday night received a scare beyond what brought them there.

According to reports, a woman drove her car through the entrance of the emergency room and into its lobby

‘Need-to-Know’ emergency medicine articles of 2014

From the International Journal of Emergency Medicine:

Every year, thousands of articles are published in numerous medical journals that relate to the clinical practice of medicine. However, it is impossible for a single clinician to stay abreast of the literature, let alone to determine which articles should change daily practice. Physicians in our department have searched the emergency medicine and the specialty literature of 2014 to determine which articles are most relevant to the clinical practice of emergency medicine, summarized them, and listed key take-home points from these ‘need-to-know’ articles.

Marine Corps brings emergency medicine to the battlefield

From the Marine Times:

As the Marine Corps reorients toward crisis response missions in Africa and the Asia-Pacific region, the service’s Futures Directorate is developing technology that will ensure serious casualties receive life-saving care within an hour of catastrophic injury — no matter how remote the battlefield.

U.S. troops drastically improved the evacuation of major casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan during nearly 14 years of continuous conflict, saving many who would have certainly perished during past wars.

But getting Marines timely care in a theater with established medical pipelines and hundreds of rotary wing air assets zipping over the battlefield was one thing. Doing that during long-range expeditionary operations launched from the sea over hundreds of nautical miles poses new challenges, said Lt. Cmdr. David Gribben, the expeditionary medicine officer at the Futures Directorate aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia.