How To Improve Hospital Emergency Department Communications

From Information Week:

A growing body of evidence indicates quality medical care in the emergency department may be enhanced or eclipsed by patients’ experiences with their medical providers.

For example, the Joint Commission performed a study to find root causes for all reported sentinel events between 1995 and 2005. Its findings indicate poor communications was the most common cause of negative events in the United States (68%). Meanwhile, lack of technical competence was responsible for only 20% of events.

Successful emergency departments manage interactions at three levels: within the department, between the ED staff and other departments, and between ED staff and patients. At each level, communication and cooperation strategic interventions and adherence to best practices improve interactions.

ER patient fires gun inside hospital

From AL:

No one was injured Monday afternoon when a gunshot went off inside Medical Center Enterprise.

Enterprise police told WSFA an emergency room patient pulled out a small pistol and attempted to kill himself.

A firefighter in the room was to push the barrel away from the patient causing the shot to hit the wall.