Man walks into ER with a stake in his head

From the NY Post (yeah, I know…)

DIY Man Has Stick Removed From EyeA man walked into an emergency room in Poland with a 15-inch piece of wood sticking out of his head.

Kamil Podwinski was doing some home improvements at his house in Konin when he somehow slipped and fell onto a sharp slice of lumber, Central European News reports.

The spear-like chunk of wood entered the 40-year-old’s face just below his eye socket and exited through the back of his neck.

Survey: Only 19% of providers get paid for telemedicine

From Becker’s:

While some consumers have expressed enthusiasm about telemedicine and private payers and CMS have displayed increasing interest in it, just 19 percent of healthcare practitioners said they have a system in place to get paid for telemedicine services, according to a recent survey. However, 33 percent of physicians surveyed are currently delivering services using telemedicine.