‘Project Lazarus’ Making Headway on Opioid Overdoses

From Medscape:

Project Lazarus, a community-based opioid overdose prevention program, has dramatically cut overdose deaths in Wilkes County, North Carolina. It has been so successful it’s being rolled out statewide and implemented in military bases and tribal groups. Project leaders are consulting with leaders in other US communities seeking to develop their own programs.

How WW1 changed emergency medicine

From the BBC:

The role of a first responder is commonplace in the armed forces today, but it was only during World War One that it was realised medical expertise was needed closer to the action.

“Before the First World War there were only porters on the battlefield. These were men who picked up casualties and took them away from the battlefield to be treated,” said military medical historian Dr Emily Mayhew.

“It was realised you needed expert stretcher bearers or first responders who had medical training and could treat the casualty, stop them bleeding and keep them alive until the next stage,” she said.