Local E.R. Sees Several Children Injured From Falling Out Of Windows

From KLJB:

A hospital in the Quad Cities area is sending a warning out. They’re seeing a lot of kids fall out of second story windows. A Genesis Medical Center spokesperson says in the last two weeks, the emergency room has treated five kids.

Nurses ‘don’t want drunks in A&E’

From the (Belfast) Telegraph:

Drunk people should be kept out of A&E departments and treated elsewhere, a number of nurses have said.

Treating intoxicated patients in A&E is a “waste of resources”, the Royal College of Nursing’s (RCN) annual congress in Liverpool heard.

Some nurses at the conference issued a call for an investigation into the best location of care for inebriated patients, such as alcohol recovery centres and so-called drunk tanks and booze buses.

Drunk people can have a “significant” effect on other patients in the emergency room as well as on staff and they can increase waiting times, delegates were told.

Movie Review: Code Black

From Shockya:

In a documentary that took Dr. Ryan McGarry four years to make, “Code Black,” which is the term used to describe the common situation in which the Los Angeles County (public) hospital emergency room is full, takes us into what looks like complete chaos, groups of doctors and nurses surrounding patients on tables to treat gunshot wounds, stabbings, heart attacks and presumably bad headaches.  

Dental Work in the ER: The MA Pull to Extract It

From Public News Service:

Since severe cuts were made in 2010 to MassHealth adult dental benefits, more Commonwealth residents have turned to emergency rooms, where the pain from tooth and gum ailments is addressed, but the cause often goes untreated. A new study by Boston University’s School of Dental Medicine shows that dental related ER visits for adults increased by 14 percent and the costs of those visits went up 27 percent.