Acupuncture Emergency Room Hospital Care Gets A Yes

From Health CMI:

A new study conducted at the Northern Hospital in Melbourne, Australia demonstrates that acupuncture is safe and effective for the treatment of pain and nausea in the emergency room setting. The research reveals that adding acupuncture to conventional biomedical care results in better patient medical outcomes.

The study was conducted between January and August of 2010. A total of 200 patients presenting to emergency room triage with pain and/or nausea were treated with both acupuncture and biomedical care. This integrative medicine group was compared with another group receiving only biomedical ‘western medicine’ care. The acupuncture group responded with an 84.8% response rate that they would consider repeating acupuncture care. Of that 84.8%, a total of 53.5% noted “definitely yes” to repeating acupuncture care in the emergency room setting.

Uninsured patients costs emergency rooms millions

From WNCT:

In 2013, around 25% of the 64,631 patients treated in Onslow Memorial Hospital’s ER were uninsured. These visits left more than $7 million worth of unpaid bills.

“It’s just considered business as usual. It’s how we operate,” said Amy Sousa, who works at Onslow Memorial Hospital.